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Heater problems?


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Feb 20, 2001
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
1969 Corvette coupe
My car is still very new to me so I might be asking a very stupid question but here goes anyway.
I have the Electric controls for my heater/AC in my 1996CE. When I trun the heater on I can't seem to adjust the fan or the temperature. I read the manual and it seems that it would be pretty simple but it isn't working. Any ideas?
Please help me, I'm freezing here. The car only has 32,000 miles on it so I would hope that it can't be anything that's broken. Hopefully it's just something that I'm doing wrong.
The first thing I would try is to disconnect the battery for approx 5 min.
Then reconnect it, this will force the heater/AC progammer to reset and recycle. May cure the problem. :)

Of course you'll have to re-set your favorite radio stations and such.

Try the Easy Things First!!!!

From Gordon Killebrew:

"...the cause was a so called "logic loss." The memory programmer in the AC programmer lost track of where it was. Just like a home computer when the power is removed from the system, then re-powered up, the computer did a re-learn and again performed as it should. A bulletin was released to all dealers telling them if this occurred to removed the radio and courtesy fuse for 15 sec. with the ignition off. This reset the AC logic."

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