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Hello everyone!



Am new to this forum and also new vette owner. purchased a 68` two weeks ago. pretty good shape . But as all cars that are used something is needed. 327 4 spd. Was told it is orignal. but who knows. Runs good have all new suspension. that came w/the car. My name is larry and i`m from mich. just wanted to say hi and hope to chat w/all the sharkowner`s
Hey Larry!

Great...another Shark on board. !:) You've joined the right group, everyone is wonderful here! Lucky you by the way.....you have new suspension to your shark. I'm struggling with my suspension right now BIG TIME!!! Anyway...nice to have you here.....

How Come??

Does that mean you'll not be looking forward to speaking with all the C-others?? JK.. ;)
You will enjoy your visits here .. a very friendly forum and mature people of all ages.
Welcome Larry

Don't count out the other C-generation owners, we have quite a few that I love hearing from. Some of it is wit, some of it is pure technical adivce, and most of it is just good ol' conversation about Vettes!
Welcome, Larry! The 68 is one of my favorites. Good luck with it and see you around the forum. Post some pictures when you get some.

Hi, I'm new here too

Sharky - welcome - I may have beaten you on board by 2 or 3 days - my '81 is our families 7th Corvette - to say the least we have liked vettes for 25 years - BUT the '81 is my very own :) :) and I like it ...
Hi Sharky...

Welcome aboard. I'm a new member also (3 weeks). This is a great forum and lots of people willing to contribute. I've got a 77 vette, ordered her in 77 (in fact Friday will be 24 years ownership), love to drive her, each night garaged, and never seen a day of winter.

68 is a great year! Good luck!

Cheers. ;)

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