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Help! 82 Bezel



I realize I'm not the most intelligent guy around:Silly but how in lords name do you remove the radio bezel . I assumed the face (what look like hex bolts) come out but geeeeez:hb no tool seems to fit. Am I nuts or am I missing something. My GM shop manual conveniently fails to show the assembly:mad
Tell me I'm just having a bad day:booty
Theres 2 philips screws on top 2 on the side and the fun 2 you'll have to take off the sides of the console to get at and 2 behind the radio knobs. The hex screws are the idea of a practical joking design engineer.
ONe more thing,theres a benzel on ebay motors #600734126 that has several views that may help you.
Thanks Barrier5
I missed the ones behind the radio. The others I had off in addition to the mounting bracket. Who designed this anyway:mad
Another example of job security:eyerole
whoever had the car before me stripped the hex bolts. LOL!!!

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