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Help !!!!! Alternator Amps / Volts



Installing 90-96 Vette dual electric fans in my 79 and I would like to know what size alternator is in the 90 thru 96 Vettes. Also, does both fans run all the time?? If not what temps does the first fan kick in and the second fan??
Thanks in advance for all your help..
I think you will find the amp is 120. They used several different style alternator housings on the C4 models.

Both fans are the same size on the 90+ C4. The primary fan works off of engine temp and the reley is activated by a ground signal from the computer. Fan on temp is around 230, fan off is around 210 or so (don't exactly quote me on that-but it gives you the basic idea). The computer also uses vehicle speed to turn the fan off over a certain MPH to avoid excessive wear on the fan motors and electrical system. Those of you with C4s know this because after cruising down the road then coming to a stop at a light, you will sometimes notice the lights or dash lights to dim for a second. That is the primary fan cutting back on.

The secondary fan operates off the computer based on the a/c system. The computer will cycle that fan as needed to keep the condenser cool.

I would suggest you get the universal fan relay/themostat kit from Pep Boys. I can't remember the brand, but in my local area only Pep Boys sells it. The price is about $25. It comes with a temp probe you push into the radiator. It will cycle the fan on at 180, and off at 170. They have an adjustable temp kit for a few more dollars. I have used this kit on several retro fits with Zero defects.
Although I am not sure about this but I believe the alternator for that year is 105 amp. In 85 they came out with the 120 amp alternator as an option, then went back down to 105. You can look in the catalogs and also see that the 120 was offered for the 85. Check Mid America, Zip and Ecklers.Plus this is also shown in the Chiltons manuals and the haynes manual as well as the Clymer manual. Like I said this may not be the case, just repeating what I have been told.
Hib Halverson has an answer for you...

Hib continues to contribute... :gap

I found this while looking to see what year the alternators were changed in order to answer your question:
"I installed and road tested a ACDelco Reman CS130, used on Corvettes from 1986 to 1991 along with a multitude of other Chevrolets from 1987 to date."

"The more powerful, CS144 Delcotron is used on Corvettes from 1992 to date."

This was lifted from VMAG.com - Re: Alternator Recommendations (Long)

So, judging from this, one can assume the alternators were changed in '92 on the Corvette. I do believe there were options as to which alternator you chose, but don't quote me on this. And I just don't feel like looking any further into it now. ;)

Google is a wonderful search engine. :L

Hope it helps ya Roy.
A big thank you to everyone for their input on this post. Its just great to have a forum like this..Heres to ya...

The following address is to a site that has numerous files on cluster repair, A/C repair and...how to rebuild your alternator for less then $50.00.
After seeing that Mid America wanted $300.00 for a new 120 amp for my 85, I had to look for alternatives....
This site has a very good article, well written in laymans terms. Anybody can repair the alternator. Have fun...http://batee.cc.umr.edu/corvette/

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