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help: automatic releases gear



The 4 speed automatic transmission of my 1992 LT1 25.000 mls releases the gear if I drive in D (gear 1 to 3). I did not observe this in gear 4 driving in OD, eventually because this leads to a shift to gear 4 where I rarly have the chance to test the 4000 rpm range. So in OD everything at least seems to be fine.
In D the transmission feels like it would shift to "neutral" if I lift the gas pedal at 4000 rpm instead of producing breaking of the car. This can be controlled by the speedometer which shows that the rpm values fall from 4000 to 2000 rpm. After a second or so, the transmission realizes that this is not what it should do and suddenly reconnects to the engine again with a fast increase of the rpms back to around 4000 rpm. Does anybody know what the problem of my transmission is?

Thanks in advance for you advice!


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