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Help!!! Driver door panel always pop out of top header


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May 1, 2018
Chula Vista, CA.
1974 Blue, 1996 Collector Edition, 2005 Z51 Conver
I recently replaced the weather stripping and felts on both doors. The passenger side panel went back without a fuss. The driver side went without a fuss either. It's just that the top part of the panel always pop out of its mount in the door header. There is no hook on the panel that hooks down on to the header, just the curved portion of the top panel hooking down on the header. I've replaced the plastic tabs for the mounting screws but it didn't help. Every time I close the door the back end of the panel pops out. Looks like there's not enough "hook" on the panel to keep it in place. Any thoughts?? Thanks.

It's a 1996 Collector Edition by the way.
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