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http://forums.theautochannel.com/posting.php?mode=editpost&p=6620 I have 2 ford ranger XLT's. the 1994 4, cyl, 5 speed truck is generally in very good shape for 114,000 miles, but the transmission is screwed up. First, the synchro's in second gear were going, so i had to shift from first to third, now it is not going anywhere. A new tranny is about $1600. plus about 300+ to install. I could pull one from a wrecking yard for about 100 bucks,or get one from another parts place where the prices range from 300-700(the 700$ one has 70,000 miles but comes with a six month warranty) -Any suggestions-I just had it repainted last year,Green on top,with gold bottom( two tone). it has a black powder coated diamond plate box(one piece top) with black side rails and full black diamond plate tailgate plate.Should i fix it and sell it-(prices range for 2000 to 2500) or just try and part it out?
My other Ranger is a 2000 6 cyl with a minor problem, the code shows excessive EGR, I have replaced the EGR valve and it still shows the same code,do i replace the relay next or what?:confused it runs fine , I cleaned the throttle body and ran some injector cleaner (Lucas) through it. what next? the relay or check for vacuum leaks etc .Any help is much appreciated. I do like my ford's as they have been very reliable but my baby is a 1986 silver metallic Corvette coupe with 91000 miles on it and has been an excellent car and still goes like a bat out of hell- I beat a mustang cobra the other day !
Jamm'in Jeff:w

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