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Help Lemon/carmax!!!


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Jan 9, 2002
'77 Black 4sp Coupe '96 Polo Green Coupe
I bought my 96 vette from carmax not 4 weeks ago. I have had it in for service 3 times, last night a pretty heavy storm came through dallas. this is the first time the car has been in the rain. There was water streaming in between the roof and the side windows. the windshield wipers started colliding then the driver side stopped and the passenger wiper started slaming against the stop at the bottom of the windshield. Eventualy the passenger wiper stopped moving, the wiper motor was still spinning then eventualy gave up the ghost. When I started the car this morning, smoke started pouring out of the steering column. There is also a short when the fog lights are turned on the yellow button lights on the a/c and the radio go off, but the light for the fog lights flickers very briefly. The car has been in twice for the "sys" and they have yet to fix it. I bought the car at carmax, and all the work has been done under warranty. However, the weather stripping is not covered under the waranty. I would think they would have had to have known about the leak and these other things before they sold the car to me.

I am very unnerved and don't feel safe in the car, I get very uneasy when I see smoke, and the thought of electrical problems doesn't really bring a smile to my face. The car has been in the service bay almost every week since I have had the car, I'd like for Carmax to take it back, and I will find another corvette later.

I did the carfax report, and its clean. Any ideas as to my options and what not? Please let me know.....

thanks in advance

-very frustrated

These stories always **** me off. I have never dealt with them but would think a company of that size would listen to reason and refund the purchase or at a minimum do an entire checkout and fix of all issues. Talk to a superior in charge. not a sales clerk. If you don't get the right answer keep going till you find someone with the right answer. For a car this new and a company marketing how clean their cars are I wouldn't settle. PERIOD.

Stick with it and keep the faith:w I feel your pain:mad :mad :mad
thanks c4ever,

I'm going over tonight afterwork to see what I can do. Can I borrow your dog to take with me :) I work for a lawfirm so I have guns at my disposal if need be.

:L :L :L :L

Good to see you can keep your sense of humor. I'm sure it will work out.:w
Keep us posted.

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