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Help me choose a wheel!


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
It is almost that time. I need to start shopping for my wheels and tires. Right now I am looking at 18x12 rear and 18x9 front.

This wheel caught my attention and can be custom built.


I like the five spoke look, and love the torque thrust, but that is old school now.

This wheel has that same kind of look, yet it is fresh.

Your thought?
very nice!!!!!!!!!! if you don't mind me asking, how much are they gonna run ya?
Nice melding of old and new, they look nice. There's a shark in this area with a set of rims that are an updated version of the old dish mags from the 60's that looks really sharp. If I see them anywhere, I'll send you a pic.

- Eric
BJS1977 said:
very nice!!!!!!!!!! if you don't mind me asking, how much are they gonna run ya?

I am waiting for a quote now. He said something about $2,150 for the 18" all the way around as a "package". I assume this is wheels and tires. However, I have learned not to assume anything.

One problem is getting a tread match. The 12" rear rims are actually physically about 13" wide, and I need about a 315 30 18 or so to cover them. He said we can run the same tires as the OEM Viper production series. We are checking overall height, etc.

He can do a set like that in 17" with tires in 8 or 10" wide to fit a stock stance C3 for $1,775.

Go for it - can't wait to see them installed!!

Barb :w
Here is the link to the fellow I am talking to.

His name is Dave.


Check out his personal ride.


These are 17" Vista wheels. Other than that, this car is bone stock. He said it drives as smooth and easy as a new Honda.
The Damage Report


The current suggested combo is

Michelin Pilot Sports 335 30 18 Rear, 275 35 18 front

Rims Pentia Series Rear 18 x 12 Front 18 x 9

Rims (add $200 per wheel for the 12") = $2550
Tires (mounted and balanced) = $1,670

They will throw in the lug nuts.

The rear tires would be 26.1" tall, and front 25.7". I have to do some additional measurements to verify a good fit. The rear tire width on a 12" rim mounted would be 13.3" and front on a 9" rim is approx 10".

Shipping is extra.

I need to follow up with Michelin to determine what the actual height is of that tire size.

Visa......................it is everywhere my tires want to be.

This is what Tire Rack has to say about the Pilot SportThe Pilot Sport is Michelin's new flagship Max Performance tire, a position it achieves through new technology. The Michelin Pilot Sport is designed to be different than the Pilot SX MXX3 in that it also extends the capabilities of exotic and ultra high performance cars and their drivers in the wet, while providing progressive handling, exceptional feedback and refined road manners.

For several years, the Michelin Pilot SX MXX3 has been one of our favorite Max Performance tires for use on dry roads. For that matter, sometimes the Pilot SX MXX3 have been referred to as tires which were capable of providing the performance of racing slicks that had rain grooves cut into them. And while Pilot SX MXX3 tires consistently lived up to their reputation by running many of the fastest lap times of our dry test course, their dry road excellence wasn't balanced with the ride comfort and wet traction.

One of the most obvious features of the Pilot Sport is its directional tread design, or should we say, tread designs. All Pilot Sport tires feature a continuous circumferential center rib flanked by one of two directional tread patterns. Tires in sizes of up to 265 millimeters of section width feature a "V" shaped pattern, while tires of 275 millimeters of section width and wider feature a "W" shaped tread pattern. The continuous center rib sharpens steering response and provides communicative road feel while the swept back lateral grooves efficiently evacuate water from under the contact patch to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction, while reducing tire noise on dry roads.

The Pilot Sport's tread designs are supported by two belts made of high-tensile, lightweight steel cords which are further reinforced by size optimized, spirally wrapped nylon cord utilizing BAZ (Banded At Zero) Technology to improve quick steering response and resist distortion while they enhance ride quality and high speed durability. Ultra-reinforced sidewalls promote powerful cornering, while Michelin's cable beads help maintain the ideal shape of a running tire for better tire/wheel uniformity.

The Pilot Sport radials feature blackwall styling and are available in 30- through 55-series, W-, Y- and Z-speed rated sizes for 16" to 20" wheel diameters.

Tread looks like this

Chris you may have not noticed but Thunder has 16" front & 15" rear rims. Helps that old traction problem a little. Car sits slightly higher in front. Of course 60's on the front & 50's in the back offset some of it.
But just bought a set of 50's that are taller than original set (same brand & size tire) so I'm back to almost level. Not sure how it launches now as had less than 50 miles on em & car went in for paint.
The rims in 1st post are nice & have seen em advertised. My purpose was to run the idea past you about the car sitting slighty higher in front to help aid the launch & traction without messing with the suspension, or juggling tire size. Oh & a word of advise on the rear tires, don't get anything to exotic cause you will be buying alot of them, hehe!

Do you know how tall your front and rear tires are? That is in inches from top to bottom.

The search continues............................
wide&tall rallys & rings?

Does anyone routinely produce/offer factory-look steel rallys ... but in the large sizes such as Chris is considering? If so, are large diameter trim rings available too (assuming center stock center caps would fit)? I really like the tall wheel Chris is considerering ... but for my purposes/habits steel is best on my cars.
Chris the front is 235/60/16 BFG TA (backspaced) 25 1/2" high.
Rear is 305/50/15 BFG Euro (Treadwith is 12" exact) 25 1/4" high. Paid $275 set installed a month ago.
Hi 69,

Have you had a look at the new Edelbrock wheels ??? don`t know what sizes are available but they have some smart looking rims in the latest Summit catalog. On the tyres, Michelins are superb, I have had them on a French Peugot and it could be driven as hard in the wet as in the dry the only downside is that they didn`t last very long due to the very soft compound and they were expensive. The low profile tyres tend to wear out in the middle if you don`t keep a close eye on tyre pressures.

One manufacturer that got around this common problem was Bridgestone, they sell a dual compound tyre soft and sticky on the edges with a harder compound in the centre section and again they were excellent in the wet or dry.


I have seen those large ralley wheels before. Don't know who makes them. I have a Chevy mag around here somewhere with a 69 Camaro that has 17" ralleys with trim rings. They look awesome!

I do think the Michelin is top dog for this. I just put a set of new 17" tires on the 90 today in fact and have been doing some research. I actually put Brigstone pole position ultra high performance ZR rated tires. They have a AA traction rating with is double the rating on the old BFG Comp TA's that were on there. I have not had a change to try them out yet to see what difference there is.

John, That would put me about an inch taller in the rear. Judging from the pics of your car and assuming the rear fenders were flared like mine, I think that will work just fine.

JHL, I have not really looked at the Edelbrock wheel yet. Their internet site has been down on the wheel link. In either event going to a 12" wide rim gets to be a problem (price wise at least).

Obviously this is going to be a HUGE investment. I am as nervous as a potential groom attempting to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Thank God there is not rim counsel on wheels like the Diamond counsel that recommends two months salary (on just one ring), could you imagine two months salary for each wheel????????????
I think for over 4 grand I would make them throw in the shipping along with the lugs. They do however look like something that would catch the eye.

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