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Ok guys, here the deal:
My dad got a very famous Vette (if you have the Car Craft 1975 November its on the front cover , anyways since i've (his son) have been doing all sorts of stuff to cars and anything else that has a engine he has decided to fix it up so that he can "hand it down" (I hope). The only thing it really needs is a new front bumper and a new paint job and it will be back. The car was basically free because everything that was put into it was given to us as long as we supported the company that made it when we went to shows and stuff. Its a 1968 chassis with 73,74,and 75 years parts on it. The original engine was replaced with a 327 about 4-5 years ago, but I believe that my dad is going to put a 350 in it. I'll post some pics of it a little bit later on.

My question for you guys is do you have any suggestions on anything we should try to get to make it look better? And how I should go about writing to different places to see if they would sponser the car.

Thanks Guys

Heres the links to the pics: These links are out of service.___Tom

Tom Bryant

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Put it back to it's gloy days

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. My opinion as to restoring customs or old racers is well documented in the May column. Read it if you haven't yet. Putting it back to the way it was on the cover of Car Craft would be my choice.

If I knew how to get someone to sponser a project my '59 would have been done years ago. I think I would start with Car Craft Magazine to see if there was any interest in doing an article on your car from the angle of "Where is it now?" or "Revisiting an old cover car" or "Bringing back an old cover car with a few modern twists" or something like that. It would be important for you to get some sort of commitment from them that they would run the story and I'm sure that they would expect you to get the car done in a timely matter. This might require professional help.

Then you could go to the local DuPont or PPG rep or even House of Kolor to see if they would supply product and hopefully even assistance in getting the car looking perfect. I would go with the cover car paint scheme too so it would be easily reconized.

Once you got one major sponser you could get others that sell the mechanical and trim parts you will need. Go for every bit of parts, and professional assistance you can get. Some modern fuel injection and 17" or 18" wheels might get someone interested in showing off their wares too.

Just getting everyone lined up and committed (In writing if possible) will be a monumental task in it's own but the magazine guys do it all the time. Maybe Car Craft could open some doors too.

Good luck,


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I feel da vibes man!

yeah... make it like it was.


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