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Hi all,
Right now I have a 91 Camaro, its ok and fun but has crappy 305 and I need more power and don't want to put a lot of money in it when I can get it ALL with Vette.(plus girls love Vettes) I am looking at Vettes 92-96 6 speeds.(actually have been looking since I was 12, 16 now) Anyways, I have dad completly convinced and he has given the go ahead, but he said the dreaded words "convince your mom" so I submitted a 19 page propsal to her and she is near breaking but still holding on. Anyone have any good points I could make to her why Vette would be better? I am trying to convinve her its safer.(not easy) and any other pts. help. So any suggestions would really be appreciated.
Thanks and sorry for making it so long
Ummmm.....thats a hard one.

How about this, Corvette clubs allow you to socialize with responsible drivers, and participate in club shows and events. This pride in your vette will keep you from RACING it, or otherwise putting it into a wall, or freeway divider.

Just a shot over the bow.

If nothing else, I would imagine that a 6 speed LT1 would get better gas mileage than your Camaro (I average 17.5 in town, and nearly 28 on the interstate). The LT1's come with ASR, a.k.a. traction control, something that the Camaro still lacks as far as I know. The LT1's are also a fairly reliable motor. If you get a '94 (I think) or later it'll have the revised optispark system, which takes care of a lot of the problems assocaited with earlier optispark systems. Plus in '94 Chevy added a passenger side airbag (to supplement the wife/girlfirend:D). There where a whole host of upgrades made to the Corvette in '94, those are just the ones that pop into mind right away.

Hope this helps.:)


When I was 16 my Dad strapped me into a shinny red 74 Stingray right after we just finished fully restoring a beautiful 69 Camaro. Well, the super hot Camaro sat in the garage getting flat spots on the tires and I was out running the wheels off the stingray. At the time I thought we were just saving up the Camaro after all that hard work to go to car shows etc. Well, pretty soon the Vette needed work, so there we were pumping up the horsepower, changing the clutch, blah blah, and I drove it right up to college. Then, I had the chance to trade it on a nearly new 85 Vette. Again, got Dad's blessing over the whole thing, as I was depending on their support to a large degree while going to school.

Years later I just had to ask him, "what were you thinking putting a hormone enraged 16 year old into a mondo hsp freaky four speed corvette?", his reply.............."Only two seats". Huh? You see Blackbelt, if a teen is going to have a crash it is more likely the more distractions in the car, and the more people in the car, the more possibilities of injuries and lawsuits back against your parents. So in a way, a two seat Vette is safer than a four seat honda civic or especially a Camaro.

So, tell your mom that it worked out great for me and I have grown into a half way decent adult. Plus, since you can only have one friend at a time in the Vette, your parents liability exposure is way down, and you have less distractions. Here is the other kicker. When I went out with my friends, we never took my car because...............there was not enough room for the rest of the group. Do you see a pattern here. My dad knew what he was doing after all. The older I get the smarter I realize that man is. He is my hero.

Good luck and happy hunting.


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