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HELP! No oil pressure on LT1



My '95 starts and runs fine, but shows NO oil pressure. Changing oil and filter made no difference. My '96 maual says the sending unit is both an oil pressure sending unit and a fule pump switch, so I assume the engine would shut down if there was no pressure? Where is the sending unit located on the engine? I could go look but at 15 degrees I would like to narrow it down. If the sending unit tests ok, what is the next step?
According to my manual, the oil pressure switch is part of the oil pressure sensor/fuel pump switch.

It is on the passenger side of the sending unit.

You might try turning the ignition switch to "on", but donot start.

Disconnect the engine oil pressure connection. If the gage moves all the way to the right you have a bad unit.

If it doesn't check for a short
to ground in ckt 331.

If thats ok you may have a problem with the instrument cluster.

Thats all I can find. Good luck.
Oil temp

Does the Oil temp sender seem to work correctly?

Most of the time ( I have seen ) the pressure sender to the gauge( or the wiring ) goes KAPUT.


However play it safe and take it to a dealer.. they can test the sender unit and stick a manual gauge in that hole to tell the entire story.

And if you had no oil pressure.. the fuel system would shut down.

It appears I am safe because of the fuel pump interconnection. I STILL CAN'T FIND THE SENDER! I think it may be passenger side towards the rear. Is that correct?
HI there,
The oil pressure switch, and sender is at the top of the engine, behind the intake.
It will be right at the parting line of the intake, with a 90 bend for the adapter that is screwed into the block.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
As soon as I touched the sender I knew that was the problem. Whoever replaced it broke it trying to get the socket on or off. Replacing it was a real PITA but I now show pressure. The sender itself does NOT shut down the fuel pump. The other sender must do that. When I plugged the terminal into the sender, I heard what sounded like a little motor run, even with the ignition off. It finally stopped, but WHAT WAS THAT?
Thanks again for the help.

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