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HELP! Source for replacement Steering Column?


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
*WOW! Do *NOT*, repeat *NOT* hit the spell check and agree to the download of the IE spell checker if you are working on a post! You lose the thing you are trying to spell check doing it! (This is a rewrite...)*

I need a replacement column for my modified '75. I would be happy with the shorter version in the '77-80, which I understand is a drop in other than for W/W switches.

Mine has broken in multiple places - on the 2"ish diameter main pipe part. I will shortly attempt to weld it up, in car, but am concerned not only for damaging my interior or catching the car on fire, but that the tube is something other than mild steel (possibly hardened) and the weld or weldzone could be unreliable.

This is one of the few things I have not replaced on the car and I tried all three big aftermarket sources: Flaming River, IDIDIT and Billet Specialties. None have a drop in for C3's (except for the '68.) One has one on the drawing board (think 30 years is long enough?) and another would custom build me one, using mine as a pattern, in, oh, 4-6 weeks.

I tried one big column supplier in NY recommended by someone here or on another vette board I am a member of. They were very helpful and offered to rebuild mine, regardless of damage, but, again, in a fair amount of turnaround time and not all that cheaply. They had none in on exchange for the '75's but a handful for the '77-'80 - but would not sell me one of those *at any price!* without an exchanged core! THey recommend I find one on E-Bay! I need this thing reparied and running a lot sooner than surfing E-Bay for some unknown quantity.

This is my primary driver and has a scheduled handful of mulit-thousand mile interstate trips to make in the next 6-8 weeks, one of which I have already missed this coming Saturday.

I would like this thing coming to me, next or second day, tommorow.

Does anyone have a source on refurbished (or even not) columns? A vette junkyard? A dealer with NOS stuff laying around?

Thanks in advance!
Try Contempory Corvettes in Bristol Pa. They are a corvette salvage yard

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