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HELP! What To Look For On An '82 Shark

Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)
Okay everyone, I know there aren't many 82 owners registered but hopefully some of you have had them in the past. I'm going to look at one tomorrow (just found it an hour ago) and need help. I know what to look at regarding frame, vac, brakes, body, susp, etc.., but is there anything else unique to rubber bumbered cars I should be looking for in an 82. First year X-Fire (L-83), never driven one, never looked at one so are there any common problems that I should look for with that motor?

Those of you who know me are probably wondering if I've flipped :s but this one just came outta nowhere and sounds great. It's a white/silver two-tone so for one thing I know it's a low prod car and second, it would look great beside my 71. I just casually mentioned it to Kelly and she is eager to see it. Though she's wanted a 95 for some time now, she does love sharks and is thinking this would make an awesome driver if it works out. Me, I'm just thrilled my wife wants to go look at a shark (sorry Ken).
I don't think there's really anything specific to the 82. Just go through the standard "used car" checklist. Look for rust, signs of being in water and any real evidence of abuse or "modification".
The Crossfire, I think, has gotten a really bad rap. Mine runs smooth as silk. If anything, the problem I've come across is the lack of performance add-ons for this particular motor. But, I think the 82 is the best combination of drivability/comfort/handling, being the last of the C3s.
the fella my wife got hers from had taken off the crossfire and put on a edel/holley combo. I called the guy and he said the crossfire would never work right. He still has all the parts for it and said im welcome to them. I am considering putting it back on and trying to get it to work right. Its really a neat little induction package.
Thanks guys! The owner and I couldn't hook up today but we spoke on the phone. He's the 2nd owner, had it since 87. A few years ago he had it painted, new tires, new interior and a few other things. Since he fixed it up he's only driven it about 1,000 miles and has too many cars so decided to let it go. He says it needs an A/C compressor and weatherstripping but otherwise he said it's in great shape. I'm going to see it either Monday or Tuesday after work. I'll let you know how it goes.
I was up at 6 this morning studying the Buyers Guide, the Black Book, the NCRS tech manual for 82s (don't ask why I have that:)), and looking up prices on every site imaginable. I'm hoping it works out cause I absolutely LOVE the two-tone late sharks. I have my fingers crossed so I'd better stop tyopin kow! :s

- Eric
The saga continues -
The weather here in the mid-Atlantic is terrible so I didn't get to see it today. Fortunately for me, he didn't advertise it in the Antiques & Classics section so it didn't get as much attention lumped in with all the other cars. When I called him today it was already storming at his place and there were tornado watches and warnings everywhere. Not wanting to take out a vette with bad weatherstripping in the rain, we postponed it. Bad news is that the rain is supposed to last until possibly Wednesday. Believe me, as soon as it clears, Kelly and I will be there. Bad thing about the timing is that if we decide to buy it I probably won't be able to get it til Sunday since I've organized a Vette owners get-together Saturday and have to drive 6 hours round trip Friday afternoon to pick up my nephew from college. If the rain stops a day early, we're good to go.

I'll keep you guys posted. Kelly is getting kinda excited but I'm not, for some reason. Must be some internal defense mechanism in case it falls through.

- Eric


Did you see the '82 in the Kruse auction results that sold for $7800.?

Re: 82

59Tom said:
Did you see the '82 in the Kruse auction results that sold for $7800.?

Sure did, sounded like a heck of a car for the price.

My dad's got an '82 with over 100K miles. At about 100K he swapped out the long block for a ZZ4 crate motor for a little more power, he did stick with the crossfire because it's always worked great. The early TH700R4's had probs, if the tranny hasn't been rebuilt then it will probably need to be at some point. After he had the new motor put in he had the tranny rebuilt again, this time to better handle the new power (old rebuild was 10+ years old), and then had 3.55 gears put in. It runs very strong. AC works very well, stops and handles well. All around a good car.
Weather cleared so Kelly and I went to see the car today after work. When we drove up he had it sitting in the front yard and, man oh man, it looked great. When I got closer I could tell that the lower half was more of a gray than the factory color (good thing a guy in town has a white over gray tutone). A little closer and the stock double 1/4 inch contrasting striping and hood stripe were not there either, instead a pencil thin red double line striping had been put in its place. The paint was really nice though, even if it wasn't quite right. It had the optional glass tops too. The interior wasn't terrible but it needed more work than I felt like taking on considering I have to replace most of the 71 interior already. The carpet was new (coulda swore he said the whole interior was on the phone) but the seats were ragged leather as was the steering wheel. The interior code was for the silver gray cloth, not leather, so that would have made it a pretty rare car. I was still considering it so I decided to start it up and it started quick and idled nice. I let it run a few minutes then checked around and all seemed ok though it did look dirty from age/neglect. The frame was 9 on a 10 scale with just a little surface rust on the little triangle shaped thingamabobs that brace the back cross member to the rails. The alloys were like brand new too. I was really thinking of taking this puppy home at this point even if it did need a little more work than I initially anticipated....then I drove it :puke. I've driven ryder trucks with more pick up than that car. Like I said, it idles fine but once you pushed the gas, it felt like half of the motor was missing. I knew the car needed help and I had no intention of finding out how much. It may have just been as simple as a good tun-up but I Kelly wasn't interested. We thanked the guy for his time and said goodbye.

I'm sure he's gonna sell it to someone because it is a sweet looker and he seemed pretty honest about the car but it was not the one for me (or should I say Kelly). When we got back in the Monte to head home she said she still wants a 95 (happy now, Ken).

....The search continues but now I know she's serious. Two vettes in my garage is no longer just a fantasy, I believe it's going to happen and sooner than I had expected. Corvette Fever is contagious and I've infected my wife :cool.

Thanks guys for all of the encouragement and advise. I'll keep you posted the next time one comes along.

- Eric
Too bad it did not work out, Eric. But wouldn't it sound nice to have a C4 since you already have a Shark? Good for you two walking away!

Kelly - YOU GO GIRL!


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