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Help with '77 engine block number



I'm new to the site and I'm looking for a little help. My 77's VIN is 1Z37L7S4XXXX. While checking the engine block, I found the code: V0305CKZ. I know that the CKZ is for a 180hp MT car (so far so good). Does anyone know the meaning of the "V0305?"
Also, there is a smaller code on the block that I cannot make out, although the last five digits are the same as the last five digits of my VIN. Basically, I would like to know if the engine is the original. Any help or places to research would be helpful. Thanks in advance!:)
biff, V=Flint Mich. plant 03=March 05= 5th day.Engine built in Flint on March 05. Chuck
Thanks to all. I really appreciate your help. This is a lot faster than researching on my own. Chuck, where did you find the info on the engine block code?
Biff,I found that info in the 75 to 77 NCRS Judging Manual. Chuck

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