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Help with value of this car...1966 L72



I saw a car today that I liked quite a bit and was wondering what you all might think it's worth in today's marketplace. It's a 1966 L72 roadster in a very desirable color combination. It's been repainted once with Lacquer and still has the original paint and glue on the door jams, underside of hood, etc. Paint is very good, as is interior. It has a restamp engine, and an excellent job at that. The trans.(m21) and rear end (3.70) are original. This car has limited options of which side pipes, F41, AM/FM, Tinted glass, etc are among them. It has gold line bias plys and original hubcaps. The frame and underneath are very clean and exhibit no rust. It's a no hit body and all panels are original. The documentation on this car is very strong, Protecto plate, original window sticker which matches up exactly with what the car has, original owners manual, original dealer pre delivery sheet, Warranty book, etc. In addition, the car won a Bloomington Gold in 1997. What would you think a car like this would be worth. It's been looked at by a foremost authority on corvette restoration and said that other than a restamp motor, and some new items like carpeting, seat covers, etc. that it's mostly original, and in very good shape. I'm trying to gauge the value in today's market....please help with your thoughts.


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Jan 5, 2002
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OK, you asked for thoughts....

The difficulty here is that prices are so subjective, and a restamped engine block makes it doubly tough to determine a value. Probably about $50k+ if the engine was genuine, but purists wouldn't touch it because of the restamp. I'm not into the Corvette club certifications, so I'm surprised that a restamp could get a Bloomington Gold award. I can only estimate it's worth to me if I was buying, and that would likely be around $40k, except that for that money I'd be looking for a perfect original small-block car


Ermine white, white top and bright blue interior.

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