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I have a question for you. I am considering buying a 1974 corvette. THe engine and transmission have been taken out of the car. The interior has been disasembled. THe guy wants 2800 for it. Is it a good deal. He told me the body was in good shape. Also what kinda things should I look for when I go and see it. About all I know is to look at the motor serial number and compare it to the VIN number. Help me please.....


Welcome to the CAC brad8938,
There is no easy answer to your question. Unless you are a master mechanic and have a lot of time to devote to reassembling and to set it up correctly, I'd say let it go and it is not a good deal. There are a lot of mid-year sharks in very decent condition just waiting for new owners like yourself, at very resonable prices from owners who are looking to buy a newer or older vette. Don't be afraid to make payments it is still a good investment and you could start experiencing the pleasure of owning a vette immediatly. Just My 2 cents worth.

Got to agree with 75corvette, unless you really like working on cars and have the time, tools and patience, let this one pass. There are a lot of good, running, vettes 74-82 that can be had for not a lot of bucks. But if you really are going for it be sure to check the frame for deterioraton, body damage/repair, and the condition of the suspension. Most of the parts needed for restoration are available, but not cheap by any streach.
$2800 you cant go wrong for a vette.
I'd do it personally.
To buy, or not to buy...

I'd call around for an area Corvette club and ask if someone with Vette experience would go with you to look at the car.

Right now, the car is disassembled...and the owner want $2800. Consider:
Money spent in paying someone to put this together would purchase you an operating vette of the same year with $ left over.
However, IF you enjoy doing restoration projects, have the time, money and patience to complete this project, for that is what it is...I am sure it will not be a simple put it back together and you're ready to roll kind of deal...otherwise the owner would have done it. That is what happens to most project cars...the owner tears into it with visions of a beautiful car at the end, gets overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the project and then tries to sell the whole mess.

SO, if you have little or no Corvette experience, please take someone with you who has experience and knows what to look for in a vette that's in pieces.

BTW, welcome to CAC. Lots of friendly opinions and help whenever you need a question answered. Hope to see you here regularly.

Please reread Silvers post several times before you make your decision.She gives you good advice.:cool
All good advice

There will be a lot of work in this car. I would check around a little. If this was a Big Block or Convetable I would jump on it, but not a coupe. I have a 74 coupe matching #'s with 94K that runs good and needs little work that I would sell for 6K. Good luck on your search..............Steve
Hey give me this guys number I need a parts car I could pay maybe 16 or 18 for it not worth much more
Thanks guys. It helps to have some other opinions from people that know whats going on. I am going to look at the car on Tuesday. If it looks like something I can do then I will go and get the checkbook. But on the other hand I don't want to get into the slacker mode and decide that it is to much to mess with after I buy it. Just gotta make up my mind. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.:cool

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