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Here is a picture you have not seen


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
My photopoint is down, I gathered all my photos to a single CD of what I have right now including about 30 you guys have never seen. Like this one.


Anyway, Kodak.com will only allow 24 photos, so I guess I can load and update what I want until I figure something else out.
Humm,,,,looks like a fish with the head cut off and the guts hanging out.

Just a little work to be done there.
tch..tch..she was a mess allright. Definitly to be used as one of your "before" pics..
Is there an echo in here?

Sure looks a lot better now, Chris!!
looks like fun been there done that trying to put some pics in members rides:( :hb now having fun:upthumbs
resto75 said:
Humm,,,,looks like a fish with the head cut off and the guts hanging out...

It is, it's a land shark with the head cut off and guts hanging out:L:L. That's pretty amazing Chris when we see all you've done with it.

Looks like my 76 a few months ago. Shee's in primer now and WILL be ready this spring. :Roll GOOD LUCK.

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