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Hey C4C5 I still have the vibration!!!!

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This is for C4C5 Specialist. I spoke with you last Saturday at the Bash. I spoke with you about a bad vibration in my 09 Coupe. It was only above about 75 but now I can feel it at 50-55mph. You had mentioned putting the car in neutral at that speed and seeing if it still vibrates and it does. There is no change, I also tried checking while going into a corner and there is also no change, my thought was if it was a CV joint then the difference in speed from side to side would make a difference in frequency of the vibration, but again no change. I think on the plus side that if it gets much worse I should be able to find the worn culprit that is causing all of this, but if you have any ideas I would love to try them first. Just in case there might be a catastrophic failure at high speed. Hey thanks and God Bless and it was great meeting you!!!!!

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