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"High" speed problem



Yesterday afternoon, for the first time since buying my '94 C4 coupe @ 5 weeks ago I opened her up on 2 different backroads from a rolling start. The first time I buried the throttle up to 88 and let off. A smell of burning rubber mixed with something else occurred. When I used the brakes, briefly, it felt like steel on steel! About 8-9 miles later on another straight road I took her to 100. Again the smell of rubber and ? happened before touching the brakes and when I used them I could only touch them lightly and briefly. The "steel on steel" feel came back even worse altho the car did not pull or veer. The "feel" seemed to come from all 4 brakes.

Prior to this I probably never had the car much over 80 and no full throttle applications. The car has run, tracked and stopped perfectly before this. She has just over 48K miles on her. Supposedly the brakes were redone at @ 32K by her first owner (I'm the third), a Chevy mechanic who did not turn the discs but replaced them.

After the two incidents the smell dissapated quickly and the Corvette ran and stopped normally. I have never felt anything like this on any car I've ever had. My previous Corvette, an '87, never did anything like this. Both cars are/were automatics. When I got home I checked under the hood and everything, from above, looked fine. Tires are Mich. Pilot Sports in excellent condition and feel balanced.

Ideas? TIA....DFO

John Robinson

Gone but not forgotten
May 3, 2005
Muncie, Indiana
1993 Polo Green Coupe

I suspect that the brake job at 32K by the previous owner was to put hard competition pads on the car. You finally got them hot and up to operating temp. If you had repeated the blast and stop immediately you probable would have noticed the brakes stopped the car much quicker. In most driving applications even the OEM need to warm up but that happens at normal speed because of the compound the manufacture uses.


Interesting...but why the strange "feel"? I would think if they are at operating temp they would work even smoother? Also, the burning rubber smell, while accelerating really mystifies me. I've never had anything like this happen before. My '87 hit close to 100 probably twice while passing numerous vehicles on a 2 lane highway. No odors, no drama with the brakes. Hmmm??? DFO:confused

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