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Holly float adjustment.



Hi all, o.k. standing in front of the car which way do you turn the adjustment nut? clockwise or counter cl/wise? also should the level change if the car is running? what i need to know is which direction raises and lowers the level. Thanks. sharky.



Ahh, tuning a holley. Every time my dad sees me messing with mine, he says, "Buy a new one already!" My uncle, who is a mechanic says he hates rebuilding one. "Just easier to buy a new one and go. Unless your racing, then you gotta tune!" he snarls. According to my Holley manual, "Remove the sight plug. Loosen the lock screw at the top of the assembly and turn the adjusting nut until the fuel level is at the bottom of the sight-plug hole. Clockwise lowers the fuel level, counter-clockwise raises it." It also mentions that this procedure can be diificult to do accurately on a rough-idling engine. So removing the float bowl and doing it dry seems to be easier and you have lessened the chance of FIRE! Remember, a burnt Vette is a lousy way to start the week! If you need advice on a dry adjustment, I'll try to help you out. Try to get a Haynes manual on Holleys, they are so good!(no I don't work for them)--Bullitt


I recently had to do mine because the car was loosing power on fast spool up on the highway due to fuel starwation.
I found the secondary level about 1/2 turn low , this equals about 1/2 inch, doesn't it ?
It solved the problem, what I would have never believed.
Problems during the adjustment was that as soon as I cracked the lock nut, fuel sprayed under pressure all over the water radiator due to the paper gasket got split into 2 pieces.
As I wanted to finish the job, I had to cut one out of sealant paper myself, not a big deal, but lots of fuel until you get to grab the ignition key to turn the engine off !
Lesson, never disconnect anything without having a set of seals available.



Some of the higher quality repair/rebuild kits contain plastic seals that don't tear. Most of the time they are reuseable. You can buy them seperately also. The sight plugs can be replaced with clear ones, so that you don't have to worry about spilling fuel on a hot engine. Barry Grant puts them on his Speed Demons and Holley has started to do this, too. Check with your local speed merchant or a mail order company for the best stuff.--Bullitt

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