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hood jammed



Hey peoplez...my son rear ended a clown that jammed on his breaks...no tail lights...there wasn't much damage but the hood seems to be jammed, I can pull the hood release and hear the release working on both sides..I was able to pop the drivers side of the hood up but the passenger side seems to be stuck, looking at the drivers side it appears the hood pin is pushed forward....any ideas on how to get the othere side to release? btw its an 84 coupe....Thanks...


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Mar 9, 2005
Jacksonville, FL
2002 MY Roadster
I can pull the hood release and hear the release working on both sides..
Can you tell if the passenger side is actually released?


Do a search on the forum here under "Hood release"

Here is another link,


I am probably completely wrong here, and maybe someone else will chime in, but since this is due to an accident. I would guess you might have to force it, or try and find someway to unbolt the hinge from underneath. That is if the hinge can be unbolted. The other option I see is if you can reach them, is to unbolt and remove the hood. As you can see this is not a quick fix, unless you can drive the car and plan on driving with the hood off during repairs. I state this as apparently if you get the hood open with one of the methods above, you probably will no be able to get it back on, or if you do get it back on, it will not close.

Good luck!

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