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Hood release latch



I had an interesting thing happen. The split rolled pin which mounts the hood release latch into the lower dash area backed out and made it very difficult to open the hood. I was able to find it when I removed the lower carpeted trim (5 nut driven screws and 2 torx screws later!) Put it back in place .. a bit difficult because of the tension on the latch springs working against me. So, I just jammed a tongue depressor in each hood latch to remove the pressure and the pin was able to be pressed in place under the dash. Now, if it fell out once, what will stop it from falling out twice? Ah hah.. I got it.. I wired a plastic tye-wrap through the split pin and around the mounting bracket and cinched it onto itself .. won't slide out now.. EVER.
If anyone has a problem like this here's the fix. Quite easy and permanent!
latch fix

Doesn't sound as "Bubba" as other fixes I've heard about!
I rather liked the idea of wiring it in to prevent it from backing out again. Preventive medicine!

Home Bred Improvements

I'll bet there are a lot of little fixes or improvements that us "Home Mechanics" have come up with over time. I was raised on a farm where something always needed fixing. We all know the old saying, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention."

It might be interesting to hear how you fixed a problem, either temporarily or permanently.

Here's one I just came up with until I can fix it properly. My fuel gauge in my 86 digital dash always shows full. I wish I could believe it, especially with the recent price increases of 93 octane. But alas, I know it's a liar. Unfortunately, the sending unit is part of the electric fuel pump in the gas tank and the replacement cost is very expen$ive.

My fix: Whenever I fill the tank I reset the trip odometer and the average/instant gas mileage calculator so I can determine how much gas is left in the tank at any time. For insurance I also carry a 2-gallon can of gas.

It sounds silly, but it works for me.

What's your problem or fix?

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