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Jul 2, 2001
Austin, TX, USA
1974 L-82 White Coupe
I have a pretty much stock 1974 L82 Coupe what is a good way to increase horsepower wihtout loosing a future collectors interest in the car. Money is also a factor. Right now I think I have 250 hp but would prefer to be around 350 or at least 300.

In order to keep it interesting to a collector big changes should be avoided. First I would go to a good free flowing exhaust system. It's easy to put back stock when required. Then a Pertronix elextronic ignition. Fits inside stock distributor for a stock appearance. Recurving of the distributor and tuning the stock carb for max performance will also help. Add a K&N air filter also. The L82 cam and heads are good as is for street performance. If your heads are a little tired you may want to have a good performance 3 angle valve job done with some basic bowl work to unshroud the valves.

I think you will notice some good improvements with these changes. After this you have to start doing thing that show.

Thanks for asking that question, Cav. I'm wanting to do the same with my 72.

Tom, I guess your advise would apply to me. Would you elaborate on a "free-flowing exhaust"?

72 Bluz

Cheap thrills, easily installed and removed. Otherwise Tom's advice is the best.
Cold air induction is something else you may want to backyard engineer.

In the case of the L82 it already has 2 1/2" pipes so a good muffler is needed. Something like a Flowmaster or Walker Ultra Flo should free things up to about 15hp and still appear stock. the '72 could have 2" or 1 1/2 " pipes dependind on engine. The 2 1/2 " would make a difference over the 2" but would require matching manifolds, like LT1s on a small block. I have the '62 FI 2 1/2" exhaust manifolds and front pipes with the '59 Off Road system on the '59. Nobody has ever noticed that it isn't stock.

I feel that these improvements will maximize the L82 and used together would definately be felt in the seat of your pants. It would take a trained eye to spot the mods also.

I'll ask the same question for a '69. 350/350 4sp. All numbers matching.

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