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Hot Cam v. Z06 Setup


Claude Mundy

Question for anyone: How do the specs on the LT4 hot cam compare to the cam used in the Z06?

If there close, I'll go ahead and drop in a hot cam on my LT4. Thanks!


Why are you so concerned with the Z06 cam? Are you trying to match performance of the Z06? If you are you are going to have to get a lot more power than a hot cam can give you, you also need to loose about 200lbs. Yes a Hot cam can add some power but unless you rework the heads and exhaust you would still be laging behind. I would say you would need between 450 and 460HP to comeclose to matching performance of the Z06. Also many of the Z06 we have tested have over 405 HP, more like 420 to 425. I know the LT4 was more like 360hp not the 330 GM stated but with the addition of just the Hot Cam you would still be under 400HP, so you would need more than that. It can be done but it's not cheap, you would also need gears and light weight flywheel, heads, headers..........is that what you want to do your car? Think real hard before you start. If all you want is a little more power start with the exhaust system first and see just how far you realy want to go.

David Fulcher

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