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Hot CD Player



I was just wondering if this is typical with the factory installed CD players or if I have a problem.

My CD player (or at least the CD) seems to get warm after playing about 20-30 minutes. When you take the CD out, it's warmer than what I consider normal to the touch and the CD may even skip on parts that it wouldn't if I just put it in (particularly on home-made CDs). If I put another CD in that's not warm, the skipping stops.

I know that I'm playing some HOT CDs, but if this normal?
You should probably get it checked out. It should not get that hot. I don't think the radio will be covered by the warranty any more though.
The player in your car started life in my 95 Monte Carlo and the design hasn't changed much since then. Mine, too, gets the CD pretty warm after playing for long intervals. This effect is even more evident if the lights are on. The lighted buttons for the presets also get pretty warm. I complained about it a couple of times and the tech from the shop they sent the stereo to said there were several complaints but nothing could be done about it. It's now over six years later and the player still works though it is showing signs of wear - spitting out CDs regularly - so we're replacing it anyhow.

We never listen to the radio so our usage may be higher than average. If we're on a long trip of 4+ hours the heat will cause skipping. We give it about a 15 minute rest and it's fine. If the car wasn't an overall great car, I probably would have pushed the issue but I took the "no harm, no foul" approach. You, however, spent a heck of a lot more for your Vette than I did for my Monte.
Thanks for the input, guys. I guess that I’ll just keep an eye on it and, if it gets any worse, then I’ll change the player out. Either that or play some cool jazz to cool it off!!!:cool
Have a 2000 with the same problem. The changer also refused to play CDR's. GM replaced the changer twice. Didn't help. What worked for me was trial and error when writing CD's. The only brand CDR's my changer will play is Maxell, and only if its written at 8X. Doesn't make a bit of tech sense but I can't argue with success. Hope this helps someone. Michael

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