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Hey, to all of you early corvette people =) I have a 1976 Corvette. If I turn the heater off, hell, even turn the vent on, all it does is blow warm air... I can disconnect the heater core, and manually open the vents, and it still is hot as hell inside.

Anyone know what to do to cool it down inside?

Do all the older vettes naturally run that hot? I am sure it is the engine heat, because I see the outside vents really suck on these cars =( Any tips to cool it down, other than running the air?
I'm sure everybody's going to tell you all about "Cool Mat" and the rest, but take a few minutes and browse through our Portal for some links to sites that carry that type of product.

It will be the best way to cool your interior somewhat, without always running the A/C. ;)

my '81 was hot inside...or so i thought. when i replaced the carpet, i lined the interior floor with double foiled heat shielding and taped the seams with steel tape. the carpet lays flat, and i had no problems installing the seats and trim. the car is much cooler, and much better when the air is on. personally, i believe the air ducting needed some engineering changes in the vettes. i saw a manual in mid-america that discussed this and offered ideas to change and improve the a/c-heat problems in the vettes.
...never bought it tho. :)
My 77 ran hot inside also. I was having problems with the fan speed switch. When I was able to fix this and run the fan at the higher speeds I now get cool air out of the vents.

I don't know if the fan electrical has some impact on the amount of heat or if it is just the fact that more air is moving through the system.

The problem with the vents on these cars though, is that one of them comes from the front windshield, by the hood... Now how is that going to get a lot of air. The second one comes from the side openings, next to the engine, heats up.. hmm.. Third flaw I found, unless someone did this to my vette, is that the passenger has a floor vent, not to mention the one in the dash. Well, the driverside doesn't. Nice, let us get cooked.
no it doesn't have vacume to it. For the summer I disconnected it. Don't know which vacumme line goes to it. That helped a lot disconnecting it. But, it still got hot in there. What really sucked, is my A/C was totally empty, didnt charge it this summer. If it rained, I was fried...... Turned it on vent, on hi... didn't do much.

my 68 heats up to and I don't have the heater connected. by the way ,, where did you get the side pipes?
a buddy of mine works at an autogarage. A customer had
a buddy of mine works at an autogarage. A customer had a lot of work done, and wanted to put the factory exhaust back on. He had just bought the hooker header/sidepipes about a month or two ago.... His wife didn't like it, she burned her leg =) Lucky for mre =)

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