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How about this combo for an engine buildup>


sd pacecar

I have been kicking around rebuilding my L82. I have come up with this combo (keeping in mind I live in Nazifornia): tricked out Q-jet, Performer EGR, re-curved HEI, AFR 190's, ZZ4 cam, (if necessary) rebuilt bottom end, a .10 overbore, with the use of hypereutectic pistons and a Melling oil pump. The car is equipped with hedders and a 700r4, with a 3:55 rear gear.
I will have all of the smog stuff on for the test. Any thoughts? What kind of HP do you think this set-up would provide?
Check out this site and see what you're happy with.
I did all the research before buying my heads and I finally went with AFR's 180s. Also when you've finally decided on the combination you want then it's time to fit a stall convertor that suits your ultimate combination.
ten over?

It's kinda routine to run ten over (+0.010") pistons in motorcycles ... but pretty rare for cars. Coupla thoughts: You may have a difficult time finding a supplier of ten over car pistons; car oversizes usually start at twenty over (+0.020") ... anyway, if your L82 has a lot of miles don't be surprised if it takes a thirty over (+0.030") cut & hone to properly straighten & clean up the bores ... thirty over is routine.

Hypereautectic pistons typically need only 0.0010"- 0.0015" clearance ... while Forged typically need 0.0040"- 0.0070" clearance. Please note that TRW/Speed Pro FORGED flat top piston pn L2256F 30 has factory clearance spec at only 0.0015" ... this piston'll make about 9.7:1 CR w/ 64cc heads ... and, for a forged piston has the unusual ability of a very tight (desirable for street) install. Also, the lite weight version pn LW2256F 30 is about 60 grams lighter at 549 grams.
Brutus: Great link! I bookmarked that bad boy.
Jack: I won't know how much of a bottom end rebuild I will need until I tear into it. .20 is no prob. Budget will be the determining factor.
AFR heads 190's (my personal favorite) are 68 cc. With the L2256
pistons compression is about 9.3 . L2256 is a flat top with 4 valve reliefs. Use L2417 pistons. Flat top pistons with a 3.5 trough. They will give you an ideal 9.5 compression with those heads. Pay the extra money to have the motor balanced, it's worth every penny.
Thanks Brutus

I also marked that site. Everything I've read so far is Gospel according to my engine man and what he told me to use to get the HP I wanted.:cool
'Ray6974: Absolutely going with the balancing. I keep forgeting about the other "little" things like that and roller tip rockers, and a matching set of lifters/pushrods. Feel free to recommend any other tips I may be overlooking.

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