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How 'bout That 73 Nut?

Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)
Come on now Nut, you're hoding out on us. I know it broke you're heart the way the Criminoles :r trounced all over the Terps in the 4th but you have to tell us about that car.

73 Mako Thread
Nothin' yet


I just talked to my buddy while I read this. He hasn't caught up with the owner for a couple weeks. Said he'd drag me along before he decided to do anything. I told him the details from everyone's postings and I think it's got his attention. The guy wanted $10K for it. Something doesn't seem right. Stay tuned. I'll post pics; something as soon as I get a peek at this hybrid.

Thanks for reminding me about Florida St. The best team money can buy!! But at least the Raven's loonies up here in "Balmer" are off my back about the 'Skins for awhile. :D

Later........ Nut

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