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How difficult to replace body mount doughnuts



My '73 has the typical sag in the front end as evidenced by the larger door to fender gap at the top and narrower at the bottom. I would like to correct this by replacing the front and rear body mounts. The ones behind the kick panels look ok. They're not cracked although they may be compressed.

Has anyone done this? How tough a job is it? Any pointers in doing it?


It is possible to relace the rear mounts with major headaches without removing the body, the fronts I'm not sure of. You can replace the top portion of the middle four mounts, but not the part you want, the bottom cushion, without removing the body. Be prepared to sazall the B****** off as well. I also had to replace 3 of cages which involved sazalling off the old and welding on new ones. It basically a "go for it all" or don't bother sort of operation.

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