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How Do I Test this thing????



As you can see in the attached picture, there is not much left of the interior of the '90 coupe. I had to replace the instrument panel to repair some damage done when a previous owner decided on a misguided radio replacement instead of fixing the BOSE. I also have error codes on the heater control that indicate the heater damper door is not operating. Since the programmer was replaced by the previous owner only a year ago, I don't want to just throw another programmer into the picture. So, my question. I want to test the control head for the Heater/AC while I can see the operation of the actuators. Do you think that I can safely reconnect the battery and run the system with the ignition on. I have disconnected (and removed) the DERM and also disconnected the SIR wiring at the steering column. There should be no other places to short out.....but what am I not considering??? :confused :confused :confused

Thanks for your help....this really is, by far, the best Corvette site!!!

Wow wadda MESS

However, I think you could repulg everything back in & make it go, making sure your grounds are going to some metal.

Try it out & report back.


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