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How do you hook up an electric choke?



I just bought the new holley street avenger carb (#0-80760). It has an electric choke on it and i was wondering how you hook it up. I can see on the side the ground wire and a terminal for the positive wire.

Do i just hook it up to a positive source? A constant hot source?

Should be a power source that is hot with the ignition on only.
Steal the line off the HEI

Splice into the BATT line going to the HEI.

+12 volts,only hot in ign on, red big wire, easy to get to, finito!

Stuck throttle!!

Here is the delima

I just bought the new holley street avenger carb. Works Great!
but the throttle is getting stuck. I drove it home with no problems. I opened the hood to make sure everything was fine, turned off the car and asked my brother to step on the gas all the way to make sure that the throttle would open the valves all the way. It did. When i told him to let go it went back a little and got stuck.

When i push in the throttle against the carb and turn it its just fine but when i pull on the throttle and then turn it it gets stuck. What could be the problem?

Is it a stock intake manifold?

If so, I had a holley on my 74 with a stock manifold. The throttle linkage was hitting the intake. I had to dremel a little to get it to stop doing that.
nope its not stock

its a single plane manifold but as far as i can tell its not touching the manifold.

You do have a return spring?!

Right? The other thing is the cable is rusted up a bit inside or the pedal is hanging up under the dash on some loose wires.

Try a tighter return spring.

Does it stick with the engine off?

Need more info

Remove the throttle cable linkage

For a minute with the car off can you open the throttle and make it stick? you might have a gasket or a heat sheild under the carb catching the butterflys?!

i think you have a point

before we put the carb on for the last time we took it off and on 3 times. the time before the gasket did not seal. I will have to check the valves.

I had to use a 1/4" spacer under my street avenger on a performer intake so the power piston (?) would not hit the manifold.
Vigman was right

Thanks Vigman

Something is catching the carb butterflys. After i posted i left school and when i cranked the pedal was stuck. revved up to 5k
, and a few people turned around, he he he!

Anyways i sayed to myself i have to fix this now, drove home and loosened the carb shifted it over to the drivers side and rebolted. didn't get stuck anymore. it still hitting something but not enough to get it stuck. good enough for now, i am trying to break in a new differential and clutch along with an engine for that matter!

Carb responds great and really enjoying the drivability now.

i am trying to break in a new differential and clutch along with an engine for that matter!

Be careful with an engine that needs breaking in...............
yeah I know

when that overreving happened i freaked. I am actually take good care of her. I don't drive no more than 15-20 min at a time with about 2 hr difference between drives. I try to be as easy as i can on the clutch.

I am starting to here a tapping sound coming from the right side. You can really hear it from the exhaust. I am thinking I am going to have to adjust the valves on the right side. My told me that smoke was coming out from the right side. I am guessing its the carb.

correction of last post

Father told me that smoke was coming out of the left side of the exhaust. It has a true dual exhaust. I am thinking its the carb but it was also happening with the quadrajet.

I don't know if its white or black yet.

Ya better hope black

White would be a bad thing!

Oh yeah white smoke is really bad!

Have to check it out.

Uh Oh

Any water dropping on the floor under your tail pipe? And is it green?

Problems as of now

no no no I meant differently mike, sorry about that.

What i mean was if there was a lot of white smoke there would be a problem. There is only a bit. I have not had a chance to check it out yet but I will after tommorow.

She was really abused in her previous life and I am trying to piece her back together. At the moment I don't have the money to finish the job right away but I would do some of the little things first.

As far as mechanical problems are concerned here are the symptoms keep in mind that the differential has been rebuilt with a 3.08 gear (for fuel economy and drivability, she origanilly had 3.48). New fiberglass spring, new clutch, engine rebuild (355 with 2.02/1.60 valves, .48" lift with 282 degrees duration, single plane manifold, holley avenger carb, headers with 2 1/2" true dual exhaust).

Anyways back to the problems.

1. when in gear i can here a tapping sound coming from the right side of the engine and corresponds to rpm. I am thinking i am going to have to adjust the valves. Do you think thats what it is?
Could it be something else?

2. I can here the differential after i have driven it for a while. A whining sound. Its not really loud but its noticable. I am also keeping in mind that the differential is right behind me. I am hoping thats its just cause its breakin it but if it has to be adjusted so be it.

3. Smoke coming out of left side of engine. Was happening with the previous carb (quadrajet) so i don't know if its the carb or something else. I have not had a chance to hook up a vaccuum gauge to check it out and fine tune the carb.

4. I sound coming from the right rear tire. I don't even have a clue as to what it could be.

I think these are the immediate problems that have to be addressed right away.

Any suggestions on what they could be, or whats causing the problem?

Any help appreciated!

How long ago.......

Was the engine rebuilt? Was it an engine rebuild...you throw it in kinda deal..or did the shop put it in for you... they should re adjust the lifters if they turned it over to you running.

If it was you who installed the engine..I'll write down the valve adjust procedure.

The rear end.. I would have to hear the rear end whine to make a recomendation. Make sure you use the GM posi lube products, ( oil & additive) I assmue when you had the rear end "done" you had the U joints changed!?

The noise in the right rear is probably wheel bearing.

Jack the car up, grab the wheel @ 12 & 6 Oclock push the top in while pulling the bottom out then reverse ( rocking motion)

This will tell you the amount of play in the bearings.. check the fronts if you are unsure of the feel ( fronts are ALWAYS tighter)

More than 1/4 inch of travel is BAD NEWS

Do you have the stock rims & tires?


Large tires especially with hugh offsets put undue stress on the inner wheel bearing
( which is the small one). Any Corvette over 50K on the orig wheel bearings is a suspect.

If you service them ever 20K or so.. their fine.. but people tend to forget em.

Do the test.

White smoke... keep you eye on the dip stick for water.. oil will turn into a milk shake
if the leak's bad enough.

Also first thing in the AM..put paper towels under the exhaust. Nice long trail when you fire up.. if it belches out green from the tail pipe...you gotta problem..If it's clear it's condensation from the air ( this assumes you use green coolant/ water mix) and not just water in the block.

Do you own a shop manual?! BUY ONE NOW.... Information is King...or you wouldn't be here....It's hard to give you the whole picture here.. when the book has great pictures & exploded views.

I know how to adjust the rockers of necessary which i think it will be. the sound kinda went away! go figure. I am still going to check it out and adjust them.

as for the differential the bearings were all changed out and replaced with new ones. They might have been installed wrong.

Yes it still have the stock riims but the tires are 245/60r15's. I am going to put new tires on it. BFG 255/60r15. The car also needs an alignment really bad! so those will be next.

I have a haynes manual and an assembly manual. I was thinking of buying the shop manual but I don't know how good it is.

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