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how do you tell if it is a true fuelie?




since you all were so helpful last time, I would like to ask for some more help. I am looking at buying a 1964 vette. The owner said the car was orginally a fuel injected car, however the injection unit was taken off. I would like to make sure that what he is saying is true. Is there anyway to check if the car actually was.

thanks oWEN
Fuel Injection

Hi Owen,

Does the car have the original engine? That would be the first place to look. Of course there sould be the emblems on the fenders or if they have been filled evidence from the back side. It would have the high rpm tach and maybe evidence of the FI air cleaner mountings.

There are other things too but let's check the engine numbers first.

a true fuelie?


well, i was able to get these # from the car and engine. the owner told me that the engine was replaced, but that the replacement was with a 327. the #'s which i got off the block 3782870 say that it is a 327. i had difficulty with the ones off the front FI 2075. The intake is a 3844461. the car itself had these 3 A6 119 64 837 923AA STD. The serial is 40867s100315. the car is red with a black int as the vin tag says. there is a large opening in the rad support that does lead me to believe that the car was a fuel injected car. if anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks oWEN

Sounds promising Owen. I'll check a few things when I get home from work in the morning.


The intake is a '64-'65 327/365hp or a '65 350hp. 3782870 is a 327 block from '62-'65. The front stamping isn't making any sence though. It needs a suffix and there seems to be too many numbers.

Here's a few facts from the trim plate and ID number. This car is a very early '64. It is # 315. Production for Sept '63 is only 1741 where later months avaraged around 2024 or so. Makes me believe that start-up was slow or that production started in the middle of the 1st week of Sept. Anyway, the A6 is the build date of Sept 6, Friday of the 1st month (A) (and week) of production. 119 is the body number which is not related to the serial number. It's a number assigned to each body at St. Louis for tracking purposes. Someplace on this car there will probably be a 119 written in crayon under the paint. I would have to dig further to find just where. 837 is coupe and 923 is Riverside Red. ect that you knew

I can't see any other reason for that hole in the radiator support other than FI air intake. I would need to do some serious digging to get minor details so I'm hoping that whoever changed the engine used the same exhaust manifolds. Check them for casting numbers 3797902 right side and 3797942 left side. lets see what that turns up and then we'll go from there. Did you look for the FI emblems under the fender crossed flags or evidence from the back side of the fender where the holes might have been filled?

Let me know.

Another indication for an FI car is the presence of three holes in the fender well where the FI aircleaner mounted.

The FI radiator support is a good indication of what could have been a FI car but it is not a true indication that it was a FI car.
The GM service replacement for a radiator support was generally a FI radiator support.

Verle is correct about checking the left front fender well for 3 holes which is where the FI air cleaner housing was mounted.
Welcome 65 Fuelie

If I could have another Corvette it would be a '65 Fuelie.

Thanks Tom,
It has been a good one, I am in the process of a frame off restoration on it now.

The Fuelie heads had the double hump or Camel hump markings on the ends but so did the 300 hp heads. I'm not sure of the casting numbers right now. I'm at work. :D
All 65 small block Corvettes use the same casting number, 3782461. The 350, 365 and 375 HP engines had 2.02 intake valves and partially machined combustion chambers. Externally they all looked the same.

wire harness......and more

You are all correct. The wire harness for the engine will be different also. It should have a lead for the cold start solenoid. If fuel injected orginally, it may be taped up.

Did the holidays get in the way of this conversation??
Good question Jim. I forgot all about this thread. Maybe Owen will reply.

sold the car


thanks for all the info, but i bought the car (enjoyed it over last summer) and then sold it and my 67 to make room for two 57's.
2 57s?

That sounds great Owen. So now you are one of us solid axle types. The more the merrier. Tell us about the '57s. Pictures would be nice too.


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