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How I got the big block-69 race car photos


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
The pictures you see below were the result of a little horse trading. This is a 69 Coupe that was modified for vintage racing by a friend of mine. He traded me the 454 with steel crank plus the wiper door, gauges, brackets, headlight parts, etc. etc. for my 69 that he did not need for racing. I shot this car in Lemans Blue, Dupont derivative Nason base clear. The nice thing was that the total paint job including primer etc, was just under $300.

This car had many body cracks. I ground them out to a V groove, then filled with a two part filler. I blocked the whole car down with 320, primed it, then 400, and painted it.

He is now trying to sell it with the 468 hsp 400 sbc, roll cage, fire system etc. for $18,000. It has not come off that red trailer since I sprayed it in December 2000. Do you recognize the rims? I bought those off of this car to put on mine, but had to put back on his to finish the paint work.

Just incase it does not come up, just click on my photopoint link and go to Other cars.




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