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How long should i wait to Zaino...after car is painted ???



Just had the new hood and front end of car painted....ive always heard you should wait a while before waxing....how long should i wait before i can Zaino it ?

Thanks, SwaveDave
new paint

They say that since catylized paint hardens from a chemical reaction instead of air drying that there is no waiting period. I have never been one to wax new paint for at least 2 months. I always use a finish glaze to get the shine I desire. I'll bet Steve has an opinion on this.

Waxing new paint jobs

If you just bought a new vette, feel free to wax at will. Since you had a repaint, do not. The time between painting and waxing safely depends on the type of paint and type of process. If the painter took the panels off, painted them with a catalyzed base-clear system and baked them, you should not have to wait. However, if the painter used catalyzed paint and air dried - wait a month or so. In this case, the cure of the paint is dependant on the temperature and humidity in your part of the world. In the winter - not good. Better safe than sorry; if you are unsure, wait at least 1 month prior to waxing your aftermarket paint job.

Welcome aboard. Thanks for your input on this subject.


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