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How many miles are you getting on your tires?



I'm looking @ a 1999 hardtop with 26000 miles, and it appears as though the tires have at least 5000+ miles left on them. I'm curious to know how many miles some of you guys that don't race your cars on getting.

When I do have to replace them, how much does a new set of the original Goodyear tires cost?
I can only give you my experience with the 17" wheels on my '88.

I barely could get 30k out of the OEM tires, noisy after 20k. Then I bought a set of Toyo brand and got 40k. They got noisy at 25k but I toughed it out.

I bought a set of Michelin last time around. I currently have 52k on them, hardly any noise. I expect to reach 60k easy with these tires.

They cost a few bucks more up front but are fantastic.

I never spin the tires and drive normal speeds, no hard cornering.
Original equipment Goodyear run flats are going for around $300 each for front and $360 each for rears. Many people don't care for the original equipment Goodyears because of noise and harshness of ride. GM leads you to beleieve you won't know you have a loss of air unless you are alerted by the warning chime. I had a small puncuture once and it felt and sounded like a good old flat. Not too impressed. Also 30k on these tires is tops. You can go with a conventional tire and a temp flat fix system like the ZO6 uses. Many are doing it. Good luck, Michael
My Goodyears are still new, but people I have spoken with either reccomend the Michelins or the Firestone runflats. They say both are quieter, softer and overall better than the OEMs.
I just got new Goodyears on my car. The old ones lasted to 42000 miles. A '99 coupe.

I got around 28,000 miles on the first set. I live in the hills of North Carolina where there is no such thing as a straight road and I drive fast...... The first were also almost bald when replaced. I now have 48,000 miles on this 99 so I am starting to save up.

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