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How Should You Park Your Corvette to Protect it From Idiots?

Bradan Donaldson

Staff member
Oct 27, 2020
Ventura County, California
2004 Z06

The debate continues on: how should you park your Corvette to protect it from those who have no respect for other people's property?​

For decades now, nothing gets people's blood boiling more than seeing a car taking up two parking spaces in order to keep other people away from it who don't share the same value you have for other people's property.

As Corvette owners we've all been faced with that situation. If we park our Corvettes in such a way that we take up two parking spots, we're considered douchebags. And if we park all the way at the end of the lot away from everyone else, every now and then some idiot comes along and intentionally parks super close just to try and prove a point.

The latter happened to me several years ago when I pulled into a strip mall and parked my Z06 all the way at the end of the lot in a single parking space where there were no other cars. It was a nice day, I didn't mind the walk and liked the exercise. When I came out from shopping and walked back to my car, I found some jackass had parked their truck on my driver's side with about a foot of space between the doors.

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