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How to get at your DTC's


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
To get to your on board diagnostics....

Piece of paper & pencil at the ready

Key on ( engine off )
press RESET to get any warnings away ( Low fuel etc.)
Press & hold OPTIONS
While holding OPTIONS press FUEL 4 times within 10 seconds

This will start automaticly scan through your
trouble codes, system by system ( or module )
and report back what it finds.

After Auto scroll thru the system parks itself into Manual diagnositcs. ( In case you weren't a fast enough writer)

Fuel =button #1= Previous DTC
Gauges =button #2= Next DTC
Trip =button #3= Prev.System/module
Options =button #4= Next System/module
Eng/Met =button #5= Exit DiagnosticsReset =button #6= Clear DTC code

To clear DTC's
Select system/module
hold Reset for a few seconds
And see if that wipes the error..If not
you really have a problem and not a false trigger.

To get out
Hit button #5 or key off

Hope this helps

That's a big help


I have my '98 in the shop because of a "Service Engine Soon" "SES" . They said it came on because of a Low fuel causing air in the lines. Have you seen this problem? and Should I refuel before it get to 60 miles left? I have also had my fuel gauge drop out twice when going over a bump. Need help


Hi there, DW,
If you use the procedure from Vigman, you can check on your codes in the PCM.
You may see a 1431 or a 461 code there.
If so, there is a technical service bulletin, with a revised passenger side sending unit.
Please let us know how you make out, c4c5:hb
Unfortunately for me it was already in the shop. They said I must of ran over a bump or took a corner to fast with a empty gas tank.
And I paid $95 to let them tell me that. Live and Learn.

I do have a problem that has occurred when I run over a bum/railroad track. The gas gauge goes to empty and the fuel mileage goes blank. The Dealership drop the gas tank and check the the unit that send the information, no luck. Have you run into anybody that has had that problem?

P.S. Thanks for the help. I will check the codes myself next time and save the $90.
Hi there, 01-06-04-022 is the correct service bulletin for this particular condition, and they would have replaced it, had they checked this.
Just let us know how you make out, c4c5:hb
Do you know where I can find a copy of that service bulletin?


I think.....

Decembers Vette mag had an article on it..
Will check tonight...Try calling your local dealer
in the mean time.

My local dealer said they checked GM's service bulletins. He said he did not find anything. Any help would be appreciated. I did find the recall on the NHTSA site. The descriptions is to a T, but no resolution and the dealerships only checks GM's service bulletins. Let's hear it for our local dealers.


Corvette Fever

Jan 2002 issue
www.corvettefever.com title of article C-5 Fuel sending unit fix Mike
I was finally able to get the fuel sender replaced. My wife was driving it last week and the guage dropped to empty so she drove it to chevrolet and showed them. I already had permission from my warranty group, but it was good to show them the problem. Thanks for all your help.


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