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how to get more hp in my 82



hello everyone,
i was wanting to get more hp out of my 82, people tell me that the cross-fire injection sucks is this true? the only thing i've done so far is to put in K&n air filters what would be the next step. Thank you for all your help

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Sharkette,call Hyper Tech @ 1 800 532 3351. Be verry carefull when instaling this! Take coumputer out of car to do this. When you look at the chip you will see why. DO NOT BEND PRONGS ON THE CHIP. Take your time. Yes you can do this by your self. Your going to like what it does for conveter lock up.Do not buy power stat. makes car run to rich. Stay with a 180 thermostat. Call me at my shop for anny questions @ 615 255 3939.
82 more power

thank you for all your help are you sure I can do this by myself. Also my engine coolant is turning into green sludge, what is this does anyone know?
Sharkkeet, pull radiator out of car,it will take two people to do thistake it to a radiator shop and have it rodded out! drain and flush block and heater core!!, new 180 thermostat gatesSTAINLESS, NEW water pump!not rebuilt.These are eazy things to do.call the shop if you need help 615 255 3939. enjoy!you must do these things to have it cool the RIGHT way!you will thank me in the long run.

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