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How to re-set memory package on '99?



Purchased a used 1999 convertible. Received both key fobs, but no manual. How would I go about re-setting the memory settings?



From the 2002 Owners Manual

MEMORY can store and recall the settings for the
driver's seat position, the outside rearview mirror
positions, telescopic steering column (if equipped),
radio presets, tone, volume, playback mode (AM/FM,
tape or CD), last displayed station, compact disc position
and tape direction and the last climate control setting.
The MEMORY buttons are located on the driver's
door, above the power mirror controls. The MEMORY
buttons can store and recall settings for up to three
drivers. Use button 1 to store the settings for the first
driver, button 2 for a second driver or press buttons
1 and 2 at the same time for a third driver. To store
your memory settings:

1. Adjust your settings for the driver's seat position,
outside rearview mirror positions, and telescopic
steering wheel (if equipped).
2. Press and hold a MEMORY button. The light
above the MEMORY button will glow steady for
one second and then flash once when the settings
are complete. Then the light will go off.
3. Set the climate control temperature, fan speed and
mode settings, radio presets, tone, volume, playback
mode (AM/FM, tape or CD), tape direction and
compact disc position.

Your memory settings are now programmed.
Any changes that are made to the audio system and
climate controls while driving will be automatically
stored when the ignition key is turned off.

John L

I would definately order an owner's manual for your car. Trust me, you're gonna need it. You can also access an owners manual for your car on line by signing up on the GM owners center site. It is free and definately worh checking out. Lots of other neat stuff there, too. You can keep service logs there, track your maintenance schedule, get recall info., etc. Try it at: https://www.mygmlink.com/

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