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How well do the headers fit?



I am asking for some help here.

I have a 1968 corvette with a 350 SB. I am looking to install a set of headers, but I am concerned about them hanging to low and being scraped when going over speed bumps, the road etc.

Ideally I would like to have the headers collector be at the same or nearly the same elevation as the through hole for the exhaust pipe that is in transmission cross member.

The other people on this form who have header on their car. How did you handle the connection from the collector to the rest of the exhaust. Does your headers hand lower then the existing exhaust pipes?


I got side pipes and a 1" drop in the front.... still get a lot of clearance.....you shouldn't have a prob.
I have a '69 with Hooker Supercomp Headers and sidepipes. Had them on the car for about 10 years and they havn't kissed the ground yet. Go for it!
Here's the other end of the C3 spectrum. I have Blackjack Ceramic Coated headers on my '81 with 3" pipes and they have never been scraped. Unless you have yours WAY lowered you should not have a problem.

............ Nut
I don't have sidepipes and you can actually see the headers from a distance. The headers have scraped speed bumps but I also think that I was rolling a bit to fast over them. Watch out for the the flanges, they were scraping almost everytime I went over a bump. I didn't tell what was scraping until one of the gaskets blew and I saw it. I just adjusted them to have the side with the smallest radius toward the ground. Haven't had any problems since.

In my opinion, go for it, let that baby breath especially with that supercharger!!

Here's another idea. You could get shorty headers or block hugger headers too. That way you don't have to worry about the flanges bottoming out. :D
Does anyone know of shorty headers that will fit? I think blockhuggers dont work.

I've heard that the shorty headers and block huggers aren't much of an improvement if any over your Ramhorns.

Any good muffler shop can offset your pipes to line up to the exhaust holes in the crossmember. Like some of the others have said it is doubtful you'll scrape your headers as long as you slow down for speed bumps or you've lowered your car too much.

Hooker sidepipes will give you all the clearance you could want.

Ill probably get a set of headman headers. What about burnt starters? Does this really happen? Do the headers need to be removed to get the starter?

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