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Full Bull

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Dec 7, 2001
San Antonio, TX
Howdy to other C4 owners....picking my first one up this next week. 1995 torch red coupe.... nice to meet ya'll.
Congrats, and welcome. This is probably the biggest fountain of knowledge for corvettes on the web.

-Mike :w

thanks, mike....good to be aboard. Couldn't agree more with the wealth of info available here...top notch!
Welcome aboard.:Twist Don't forget to post some pix. Great site with great people. C4 is a great car.
Welcome. I'm new person to here as well as vette ownership. this is a great sight, and the corvette community is sooo cool.

Welcome Texas!! Now you have a wealth of information at you fingertips.

Welcome to CAC
The fountian of eternal youth for your Vette, and the ONLY accurate source of correct technical info on the web.. and some pretty darn good guessin!

Guessing around here is more accurate than most other peoples facts.
:L :L

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