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Hurricane intake system questions



Does anyone have or have installed a Hurricane intake system from West Coast Corvettes? I am thinking about one, it looks fairly easy to install and no cutting is involved. Just wondering if anyone has had experience, either good or bad with it. I saw the installation sheet for it, but was wondering if anyone had any first hand advice for installation as well.



To give you all an update. I installed this and it was fairly easy. Cleaning on the other hand may be a pain. I also installed a Carbon Fiber bridge and smooth coupler. Looks much nicer. The Hurricane Air Filter is completely enclosed with the exception of some area for the cold air to enter. I also installed a screen on the bottom of the car to prohibit leaves etc from getting up in there. Only weird thing was that there is really no place to put the air pump hose. They include a filter but there isnt anywhere to attach it. I will include PICS later in case anyone wants to see it.

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