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I can't believe it's there!


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Jul 5, 2001
Sydney Australia
1977 Yellow Coupe
While scratching around under the now very spacious area where my rear end used to reside, I thought I'd just shove my hand around and over the petrol tank to see what might be there.
Would you believe that there seems to be some paper stuck to the top of the tank? Could this be the much talked about build sheet?
A slight tug on it just produced a small piece of very old paper or is that parchment. I'm not going to pull at it any more (don't wanna go blind now do I) until I drop the tank out. Here's hoping it's not too battered about.
That is cool.

We found mine when I dropped the tank. It confirmed everything about the car I had discovered while taking it apart. I still have it in a plastic bag. It was in very poor condition and required a brush, air gun, bright lights, and about two hours to peel and read it.
I thinks he's Got It!!

Bob ole mate,
You've got the Build Sheet up there. It's worth dropping the tank. Like Chris said, it will confirm everything about the car. As with my '81, it confirmed the "Body in Primer" special delivery option that mine had. Good thing you didn't find one of those brown snakes tucked up under there. I think it'd be taking a big stick with me before I'd be sticking my hand in dark hidden places.

Take care. Have a couple VB's for me.

Later........... Nut

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