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I did a Bubba



One of my T- Top liners became detached on one side. I tried to to push it back up with no luck. I made the big mistake of using glue and down it came again. Now I am in the process of removing glue .Maybe I will try an epoxy two part. Any ideas??:confused:
Wanna trade Bubba storys?
My '79 had the headliner down in the rear drivers side. Upon investigation I discovered that Bubba had used 3M weatherstripping glue to attach the parts, plastic pull tabs on each side and the brackets to the top and liner. EVERYWHERE! I had glue in the plastic pull apart stuff and on both pieces. From experiance with the stuff I knew that I would never get it out of the plastic pull tabs, nor off of the cardboard liner. Rather than get too involved with trying to make the plastic tabs work I just ground them down to give me some headroom and used 5 minute epoxy to hold the whole mess together. I used an ample amount on the brackets and just a dab on the ground down pull tabs in case I want it apart later. The next guy can think of me as a Bubba, but I know what it looked like when I started. The 5 minute epoxy is holding up well.
I had the same thing happen on my '78 shortly after I bought her. I just used a two part epoxy with a shear rating of over 1 ton. Worked very well. Never had that problem again. It's a pain in the but having to wait for it to crure though. The directions said to wait 12-24 hours if I remember correctly.

Cause im tall...i just took my t top liners completely off and spray painted the t top undersides a nice black color. It looks pretty good and gives me another 2.5 inches of head room. Of course, in the summer, i dont use them anyway.


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