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...I feel like buying these so no clones are perceived!


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Feb 18, 2002
You should; then when somebody figures out what number they have, they could have a cool decal.
Chris...I would like 007 if you don't want it .... would look good in the garage
It'd be kind of neat to have double-o-seven if you were a fan of James Bond. Even better if your Callaway is actually number 7 no matter whether it is a Corvette or Land Rover.
Just want 007 for the garage lift, thx These are real leftovers right if not I do not want one
Oops looks like you have a higher bid and I'm just driving up the price....I'll let you have it and will send you $ for it
I took first bid on both and Pete outbid me with a special agreement ;)

So I think that either 005 or 007 will be doing a Europe tour :D

hopefully , I can trust his agreement :ugh

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