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I got a "ride Height" question for Chris or anyone knowlegeable in the area?



:confused The body on my car sits slightly lower on the right(drivers )side than the left. Its slight, about .5" but perceptible!. The distance from a point in the middle of the wheel well to the center of the wheel hub is about .5 lower for the front and rear wheels on the drivers side. Sounds pretty lame , but I dont really know how to go about adjusting it to equal? The nuts on the rear springbolts are adjusted as far as they can tighten on the springbolts on both sides of the rear. The front springs each have 4 spacers in them?.
Im not sure whether the Right side should come down .5 or the left should go up?..either way, theres lots of room, but Im switching from 225 70 15's to 255 60 15's all around soon!
If you need any more info from me to help, let me know and Ill get it!
Thanks in advance.. :w
Experience is a more accurate description then knowledge but here it is.
You have been giving measurements involving the relative position of the body. First you need to establish the frame ride height. Take a measurement from a similar right/left point from the frame to the ground. If both rear (right and left) and front measurements are equal then it is a body mount issue, if not then it is a suspension issue. Of course it could be both.
The front suspension ride height is not adjustable unless you have coil spacers or a VB&P tranverse leaf spring setup.
The rear is adjustable by tightening/loosening the spring to trailing arm attachment bolts. Tightening the nut will raise that side.
Thanks Redmist..
Ill do that measurement soon and let you know!
and if it turns out to be suspension related (I think it is), I could start by loosening the nut on the passengerside spring bolt that should bring the rear down on that side. The front springs both have 4 spacers in them, I could take one out of the right side and that should bring the front down a bit. Does this sound right, and a good place to start or do you have another suggestion, Im open to all comments about it..
I think Redmist covered it for you. If you have little chunkies in the front springs already, you will want to consider replacing those springs soon.

You have the right idea on the rear. You can also insert a metal tube or stacks of washers between the spring and nut on the bolt to raise the rear higher then just tightening the nut.

Redmist is right about getting the car level by starting with the frame. That will make the ultimate difference on ride quality and trueness. The body may have settled (aluminum spacers deteriated) causing the car to look sideways when it really isn't.

This may be a good time to get the springs replaced. The VB&P front and rear mono springs let you adjust the ride height any way you want. They are difficult to install.

Other members here can suggest regular springs and give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on ride height.

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