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I got the Dream Car!!



Just a note to let everyone know, I sold the 74 coupe, and am now the proud owner of a 1994 Corvette Convertible! I searched for years to find a convertible in my price range. I found this one with 63K orginal miles, in very good shape, and with the rear wing and ground effects, for $12,500.00. Now a question, how do I change my USER name on here. This one just wont do!:J

I want to thank everyone for helping me get the 74 coupe ready for the road, and a new owner.

Dont I look good in the Convertible!
Can't help you on changing your user name, but CONGRATS on finding the car you wanted.

72 Bluz

That's what I call a killer deal!! Congratulations! Your perseverance really paid off on this one.

If you need tech help on your 94 Convertible, you know where to find it! :)
Remember, we're visually people, so post some pic's as soon as you can. :)

You can get your name changed by sending a note via PM to Rob, our site administrator. I changed my name a few weeks after I joined. It's very easy!

Good luck with the new ride,

I will post the pics sometime tomorrow, after I pick the car up. My wife.....ok.....maybe i shouldnt tell you.....but I am......has never understood the "Vette Thing".....and surely didnt understand why I had the tears of Joy I did when the guy let me have the car for $12,500.00. He is only selling the car because his new C5 will be here Friday. He was asking $19,800.00 for it. I had explained to him that I had just sold the '74 coupe, and had always wanted a convertible. I also let him know, that I only had $12,500.00 for another car, unless I financed the balance. Well, all I can say....is Vette People are Vette People. When I looked at and drove the car, I told him I would have to see if I could get the rest financed, bacause my budget was 12.5K. He said ok, to let him know. Well, Him and his wife called me back, and told me they wanted me to have the car.....and could have it for :cry the 12.5K! I pick the car up tomorrow, he wanted to have it detailed for me. And I have a surprise for him too.....I went to Corvettes of Houston, and bought him and his wife new.....Corvette C5 Jackets!

Thanks to Derrick and Madge!

:W: Dont I look good in a Convertible!
Congratulations and WOW what a deal. I've just starting to look for Vette #2 , Admiral Blue 95, and I wish I could find one for that kinda money.
A gift of kindness.

What do they say about "Right place, Right time"? Sounds like this baby was meant to be yours.
Get your wife more involved by going for cruise's as often as you can. Let her drive the car. Trust me, it works well to get her more enthused with your hobby.

"Vette people are Vette people". I can totally understand that statement. I'd have to say that all the Vette people I know are the friendliest car enthusiast's around.

I think they'll love the C-5 jackets and be very surprised when you give them a gift in return. It sounds like you have a kind and giving heart and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

Good luck,


And YES, you look Simply Maaavelous in the convertible!

Looks like you got a treat deal and made some great friends at the same time. Zora bless them.



Congratulations on finding the 94 convertible! I'm sure you & your wife will enjoy it. Find a sitter for the boys and have a good time!;) Corvette people are a special breed, I'm sure that the sellers will really appreciate the jackets. That was a terrific thing that you did! And yes you look great in a convertible, now you'll have to come and visit our club.:W:
Thanks Miss Dorothy. I would love to come and visit y'alls club, let me know when you meet again or have a get together. They loved the jackets. He went in the house and went and got the red and black one he had for the C4 and gave it to me! I just got in from picking up the car, its after 10PM now. We had a great time. They are truly Corvette People. I am still pinching myself that i got the car for 12.5K. :Twist :Twist Sorry, I didnt get the pic on here.....but I promise I will tomorrow.

Riko....--------->in his Convertible:W:
Here is the pic!

Here is the pic of MY new family member:Twist



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