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I Have a Question ????



First off, Hello All !

O.K., here's my question. I just drove my car home to FL. to put under it's own little roof & cover, and on the trip down, the cruise control would bump itself off. I would wait a couple of minutes and could reset it, however if I tried to hit the resume immediately after it bumped itself off, it would not resume as it would if I had tapped the brakes. Help :confused


This may not apply to a 96, but I had that same problem on my 85 and it turned out to be a bad vacuum line on the actuator. I really can't remember if 96 still had a vacuum boosted cruise unit.

Anyway, the line was sucking closed.
Hi there,
69 brings good points to the table.
Check that, and also, you might want to check the brake switch under the dash, as what you said, this could be actually not far enough to close the switch.
And with vibration, will open, disconnnecting the cruise.
Please keep us posted, c4c5:hb
Switch adjustment

Try this,

Put your foot under the brake pedal.. can you lift it towards you? Now drive the car around lift the brake pedal.. ( do this under SAFE conditions )
Now drive the car with the cruise on...does it work ok? You just might need to push the switch under the dash foward a bit. The clip to hold the switch that GM uses is a PIECE OF DO-DOO! I modified mine to use plastic nuts to keep it in place after adjustment.

Thanks All !!

I will look at both of these area's this weekend, as soon as I get back home to where the 'vette is ! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Just In Case........ Yep !

Yes, my car is a 6 spd, so I will check the clutch pedal switch as well !!! Thank's for the heads up though.


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