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I have found it!




I have asked the GM reseller here three times about weatherstrip for my Vette -88 convertible but they can´t find any art.nr does anybody have GM art.nr for weatherstrip number 4 on the picture?


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Magnus :cool
Consider looking at The Last Detail website too. Last time I checked they had better prices than MAD and Ecklers. My MAD catalog shows their part numbers, not GM...
Try www.tld-corvette.com
Not genuine GM part

I have bought one strip that was not genuine GM and that pice look like it was used.(but it was brand new) maybe bad luck that time.
If someone is intrested GM art nr for left side is: 10273003, right side is 10273004
sorry this shouldn´t be a new thread this was the answer for my previous question.:eyerole

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